The programme brings exposure for all Bihari who are interested to play their role for Industry Setup, Employment creation, and support to improve the quality of medical and engineering education. Here, your business or investment is not only meant of profitable income, it also represents that still you have love, care and affection with your motherland. Anyways, you are doing your business or investments in various areas of globe. However, we argue that give your business or investment in Bihar to reduce unemployment, poverty, illiteracy, improve poor quality of medical & technical education, and explore the innovation. It is one kinds of awareness programme for Bihari to bring their concentration for development of Bihar.
1.To reduce the migration of Bihari for education, job and business.
2. Build Bihar as well developed, educated, self-established and settled state of India in world behalf of employment, education, and innovation.
Support for industry setup and employment creation.
3.Encourage the industrialist, business director, Angel investors for growing their business in Bihar.
4.Motivate educationalist and industrialist to establish Engineering, Medical and Management institution with required technology and resources in Bihar.
5.Interact with various scientists, research head to bring innovation from industry and academic side.
6.Bring innovative teaching and research methodology in education and explore Bihari talent in their respective area and present them as national or international level for minimizing the unemployment.